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NOTE: The below UI Solution currently will not work on SharePoint Foundation sites. The Sandbox edition is designed for Office 365 and a new version specifically for SharePoint Foundation will be released in due course.

25/05/2012 - Updates
Farm Solution Masterpage now includes click accordion which is configurable for different sites in different configurations.

May Release - LifeInSharePoint Metro UI Masterpage (Fixes Updated)
04/05/2012 - Updates
Farm Solution Updated to fix Wiki functionality
Enables new setting to select position of quicklaunch to left or right side.
UPDATE - 09/05/2012 - MUI Bug Fixed and Dialog Fix for Sandbox & Farm Solutions now online and on Codeplex.

New Release - LifeInSharePoint Metro UI Masterpage (Fixes Updated)
13/02/2012 - Updates
SandBox & Farm Solution Editions both updated to include Search Masterpage Compatibility with better site retraction to reset sites back to the correct settings.

Sandbox solution updated with changes below.

10/02/2012 - Updates
- Solution updated to fix permission issue for read only users.
- Accordion improved to use hoverIntent plugin for better usability
- Cufon font replacement updated to include accents for foreign languages.

Project Description
Selection of useful webparts & Solutions specifically for SharePoint 2010.

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