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Life in sharepoint promoted links breaks sharepoint 2010


I am no longer able to create access services web database sites after installing LifeInSharePoint.PromotedLinks

I have done every troubleshooting thing out there I can find and according to the event log I get this error:

Error loading and running event receiver LifeInSharePoint.PromotedLinks.Common.Receiver.PromotedLinksReceiver.PromotedLinksReceiver in LifeInSharePoint.PromotedLinks, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=e03922410c97b779. Additional information is below.

: List '$Resources:core,MasterPageGallery;' does not exist at site with URL 'http://sserver/webdatabasesitename' When I deactivate the feature I am able to create web database sites with no problem.

This also creates a problem when creating document libraries on any sites with the promoted links. It gives me an error saying that you need a newer version of windows to do this... but it does actually create the library. Users think the site is broken and keep coming to me.

Can you fix this please or test again in a 2010 environment???