Quick Lauch (aka Side Nav) stays on right

May 10, 2012 at 10:36 PM


Nice work.  It looks attractive and I would like to explore it further.  I am running into a problem.   I would like try it without the quicklaunch and also with the quick launch on the right side.  I activated the "SITE.LifeInSharePoint.Metro" site collection feature.  On the Site Actions | Site Settings page I am able to select Metro UI Configuration Theme and choose:

  • The Theme Color
  • Site Nav Accordion
  • Site Ribbon Settings

None of the selections have any effect on my site.

Also the Accordion menu is a bit touchy.  I keep ending up on the "view page" for the heading (e.g. all lists, all libraries). I am clicking on the menu vs. waiting for it to expand on mouseover.  It seems natural to click on menus.

This is a nice contribution to the community.